Peaness – ‘Are You Sure?’ EP Review

Peaness band Alcopop EP review

Already a huge favourite with alternative radio stations and the independent press, Peaness are making waves in all the right places. Previously signed to the ever-reliable Oddbox Records, the Chester band are set to release their new EP ‘Are You Sure?’ via Alcopop! and – given they’re making appearances at so many of the best festivals this year – are set to be the soundtrack to your summer.

The EP opens with the immensely hummable ‘Oh George’, a song you’ll find yourself singing and whistling along to at various points throughout the weeks after hearing it for the first time. From its first sugar-coated guitar hooks to its sideline in sadness (‘Oh George, you broke my heart. You lied to me and my family’), it comes across as a tantalising combination of Bearsuit and The Spook School. As the song progresses, this despair at what George did evolves into pity: ‘I should have known you only think of your own’. Following this up is recent single ‘Seafoam Islands’, a Britpop-inspired hit that is equal parts anthemic and touching love song as  ‘I want to get lost with you’.

Slap-bang in the middle of the EP is ‘Same Place’ which appears to be an ode to growing up yet staying young in spirit. It opens with the admission that ‘being young was so easy’ before then going on to lament the things you didn’t know back then: ‘no one said you’re allowed to be scared’. It’s melodic nature is surrounded by intelligent riffs that bring to mind the underrated genius of Sky Larkin and there’s also a familiar beauty in its repeated motif of ‘Same place, different time with these same friends of mine. We try to keep in touch. Everyone’s always in and out of love’. Peaness then turn their collective hands to slackerpop and 90s’ US indie with ‘Skin Surfing, a song that has eye-opening lyrics about life’s more intimate moments: ‘Let’s go skin surfing, I want to feel your fingertips draw words across my back, I’ll try to figure them out’. That this is surrounded by a good old-fashioned dose of handclapping makes it all the better.

‘Ugly Veg’ is the final song and it opens with a huge slice of post-punk guitar. Within its three minutes, Peaness manage to cover everything from personal sadness to our destiny and the state of the environment. They proudly claim how ‘caught in this misery, I wear my heart upon my sleeve’ before revealing their hopes and dreams for the wider world: ‘I want to see oceans clean, I want the world to stay green’.

The five songs on this EP are ones you’ll want to listen to over and over again as they’re so deliciously presented and cover a lot of important topics. In fact, we’re quite sure you’ll love getting some Peaness in your ears.

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