Club Night – ‘Hell Ya’ EP review

Club Night Hell Ya EP review Tiny Engines

Featuring members of Meat Market, Lofter, Twin Steps, Radiator Hospital and Our Brother the Native, Club Night are a band you’ll fall in love with straight away. Hailing from Oakland, California, the DIY five-piece have a kitchen-sink approach to writing and recording that leaves you with a hugely entertaining and surprising listen. ‘Hell Ya’ is a five-track EP coming out on Tiny Engines and it’s sure to add to the band’s already loyal following.

‘Sheer’ opens proceedings and is 2 minutes and 53 seconds of pure joy. There are playful synths and falsetto as well as almost-chanted vocals that talk about going on an adventure. It has the spirit of early Los Campesinos! mixed with the driving force of Cloud Nothings. ‘Rally’ follows and this song has an improvised feel with stop-start guitar and distorted singing that states how ‘You’re undeniably lost without a meaning’.

‘Well’ has a samba beat and the incredibly evocative words: ‘I watched the flames gleam in your shimmering third eye. You smiled and just laughed. This is exactly what we deserve – a shout in a deep, dark well’. This is followed by the statement ‘We are a putrid pile of pestilence’. This signals a slightly mathier turn in the instrumentation with galloping guitars and all sorts of unpredictable twists and turns. ‘Hair’ is a brief respite with a recorded phone message from Uncle Charles showing a human element to the band. The eight-minute ‘Work’ closes the EP and this slice of tweecore has no sign of a chorus but plenty of words to wrap your ears around. It has wall-of-sound guitars, glitchy hints of electronica and some crashing drums that bring to mind the Most Serene Republic and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

This is an infectious EP with so much going on that you’ll definitely want to be part of this and every other Club Night going.

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