Body Hound – Rhombus

ex Rolo Tomassi

Featuring ex-members of Rolo Tomassi and Antares, it’s no surprise that Yorkshire band Body Hound specialise in riffs. Brutal, melodic and completely progressive, they’ve released their first EP via Brain Wave for ‘pay what you want’, ahead of the release of the physical, via Brain Wave, later this year.

Opening with ‘Vector Approaching’, there’s no messing about – this is straight into what Body Hound do and you’d be foolish to ignore it. Loud, brooding and teeming with a mathy grunge-inspired aesthetic, there’s a huge build up and stop-start moments of complexity, before the song gradually settles into more of a groove. As the second track ‘Systems’ begins, you begin to realise this is a band perfect for Arc Tan Gent of the Cave stage at 2000 Trees. Woozy guitar lines are scattered throughout the song, before one pulsating riff takes over and clashes with the pounding drums in glorious fashion.

If Mutiny on the Bounty and Axes were to collaborate, it’s likely they’d come up with something similar to Body Hound – but maybe not quite so intense. With the EP’s dramatic twists and turns, there’s also a healthy respect for prog rock shining through. It’s worth reminding yourself that prog is not a dirty word once more. Having said this, there’s also a tongue-in-cheek attitude as the instrumental band occasionally veer into galloping metal riffs, especially on ‘Momentum’. The closing title track opens in entirely accessible fashion before veering off into various directions, seemingly in impossible fashion. This is an all-encompassing EP that will burst your eardrums, but, boy, is it worth it.

Find out more about Body Hound:

Download ‘Rhombus’ at

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