Good Good Blood: Top 5 Albums of 2017

Good Good Blood James Smith favourite albums 2017

We asked James Smith (also known as Good Good Blood) to talk us through his Top 5 albums of the past 12 months. They’re an absolute delight…

Henoheno – ‘Piggybacks’

I’ve long been a fan of Henoheno’s music but this album sees Henry Thompson and Jenny Yu’s music shoot up another level. Songs sparkle and shimmer, melodies sneak their way into your consciousness and Henry and Jenny’s vocals weave into and around each other beautifully, all wrapped up in a warm, homely recorded fuzz. This is pure lo-fi gold.

Aelita Red – ‘S/T’

This is a project by my friend Dave White who makes music under all kinds of monikers (and who also mastered my latest album). I’m not a massive fan of “labels” for music but I’d say this is amazingly interesting instrumental post-prog-rock with a sprinkle of drone and shoegaze. I’d also say it is very, very good. A wonderful accompaniment for long, early morning/late night train rides.

Aaberg – ‘Heron’

I stumbled across this amazing band’s music late one night and I pretty much haven’t stopped listening since. They are based in Manchester and the singer is called Hunter and that’s about all I know about them. But you don’t need to know everything about a band to enjoy their sounds, do you? This is edgy, dark, bassy guitar music with a sniff of The Smiths for good measure. Really, really great and highly recommended.

Rainwater – ‘Place’

Released via our good friends Furious Hooves, Rainwater have been crafting sumptuous indie folk music for a while now and this latest EP is no different. Written about a trans-American trip relocating from New York to Seattle, the EP reflects its subject, meandering and floating across its six songs. Lush soundscapes, with nods to 70’s Neil Young et al, sit below dreamy vocals telling tales of longing, love and the loneliness of travel.

Hand Habits – ‘Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void)’

I was lucky enough to hear this LP in July 2016, well before its February 2017 release, and I’m happy to say I have pretty much listened to it non-stop since. Found amongst many end of the year lists, and deservedly so. Meg is an awesome songwriter, her lyrics point to vulnerability and wanting to be loved while the arrangements bask in a Californian sun drenched vibe making everything you find here simply gorgeous. A modern masterpiece.


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