Party Hardly – ‘Football’ stream

Photo credit: Nile Hunt

Brilliantly named Leeds rockers Party Hardly have shared ‘Football’ ahead of the release of their debut ‘Cycle of Life’ EP (out 5 October). The band have already played with the likes of The Magic Gang and INHEAVEN and this song, recorded by MK of Hookworms, finds them tackling the important subject of gender inequality.

Opening with distinctive drums and  jaunty bass, it has an early ’90s Blur feel at the start as Tom Barr talks about how football is always on the TV and how a woman – who’s better than her male counterpart – still has to go to her day job even though she’s part of the national squad. The song than veers into indie pop in the vein of Sports Team as the chanted end finds the band rallying against the way society treats the women who should, by all rights, be national sporting heroes: ‘Girl, pass me the ball, let me shoot a goal. Can’t do this on your own. There’s a reason why we’re both here.’


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