Indoor Pets – ‘Pro Procrastinator’ video

Indoor Pets pro procrastinator stream

Say hello to Pete, the procrastinating pet and star of Indoor Pets’ brand new video. Pete may have deadlines to hit but that won’t stop your new prehistoric pal slacking off, playing on his computer and getting up to all kinds of other high jinks. This hilarious video was directed and devised by Indoor Pets themselves (they also star in it).

Long-time followers of Spectral Nights will know how much we love Indoor Pets (formerly Get Inuit) and ‘Pro Procrastinator’ has always been one of the highlights of the band’s full-throttle live sets. A fuzzy singalong power-pop anthem with a repeated and running commentary of ‘I’m wasting my life’, it’s an anthem for all those who are content to let life go by pretty fast.

It will appear on the band’s debut album ‘Be Content’ (out on 8 March via Wichita).


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