Dude York share video for ‘Falling’

Dude York Falling single album 2019 review

Seattle trio Dude York have announced details of their new album ‘Falling’ (out on Hardly Art on 26 July – pre-order here) and shared the awesome animated video for the title track.

With a slow build leading into a melodic combination of power-pop guitars and big-sounding drums, the song finds Claire England recalling how it feels when you find love (or should that be lust?) in the most unexpected places: ‘Smiling like an idiot all day, you make me laugh, you know exactly what to say because we used to like all the same shit. Do you think we’d be friends in 2006? That song means everything to me.’ She also opens up about how as cheesy as it is, she wants to find love like in the movies: ‘But I secretly hoped when it happened to me there would be no doubt it would feel like falling.’

The playful and honest lyrics capture the spirit of teen love in a way similar to Charly Bliss (‘Kiss me, kind of tastes like kiwi, you smoke a cigarette tonight, say you don’t do it all the time. We crash, wake up at 10am, take out and watch The Batchelorette. I’m eating dinner for breakfast because first impressions are always the best’) while the melodic alt-rock guitars sit perfectly between Tellison and Jimmy Eat World. You’ll also find yourself singing ‘Can’t think or say what I’m feeling, but the longer I look, the more I like what I’m seeing’ for hours after listening…


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