Dana Gavanski – ‘Catch’

Photo Credit: Vedrana Vukojević

Toronto musician Dana Gavanski follows up the excellent ‘One by One’ with new single ‘Catch’. Available as limited edition 7″ via Dana’s Bandcamp, the song was produced by Mike Lindsay (a member of Tunng and Lump alongside Laura Marling), Dana describes the song as ‘an attestation to the daily struggle to be inspired and how not to lose direction’ – a feeling anyone with a love for the creative arts will know all too well.

The sparse and introspective sound finds Dana experimenting with layered vocals and subtle soundscapes as she tries to both motivate herself and not get bogged down: ‘Open your eyes, it won’t disappear, Think of how much time it took to get here. But I don’t know how to catch, to hold it in my hand’. She then reaffirms her commitment to the cause by declaring ‘I’ll try my best to make it this time’; ‘I’ll try my best to see all the signs’.



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