Hideout – ‘Rose’


Hideout (a band featuring Cults guitarist Gabriel Rodriguez and Scarlett Stephenson-Connolly) have shared wistful new single ‘Rose’.

A piece of jangly yet off-kilter pop in the Belle and Sebastian or Rilo Kiley vein, the three minutes find the band looking back over what are now considered perfect moments from an imperfect relationship: ‘I don’t wanna miss you anymore’; ‘I don’t want to miss you anymore. A memory’s a rose without its thorns’

Gabriel then takes a step back and realises maybe moving on was the right decision after all while the guitar work evokes M. Ward: ‘Have I lost control again?’; ‘Why’d it take so long to fix what you always knew was wrong?’

The song is complemented by a sweet (and ever-so-slightly sinister towards the end) stop-motion video by Jess Sweat.


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