Great Nature share live performance videos of ‘Glass’, ‘House’ and ‘Fields’

Great Nature Glass House Fields new music 2020 live Youtube stream

Inspired by ‘tall trees, bright leaves, low suns, open horizons, seas and fresh air’, Great Nature are a new band formed by members of Super Tennis, Instruments (Make Music) and Ballgame.

They have shared live performances of all three songs that feature on their debut release (available via Bandcamp now). They specialise in a Delta Sleep-meets-Kinsella-esque mathy yet orchestral sound that looks at love and growing up while also trying to make sense of the modern world. ‘Glass’ finds the band opening up about their rawest feelings while ‘House’ has lyrics about sleep, dreams and finding the right companion and the 6-minute ‘Fields’ gently glides through a gamut of emotions as they sing about landing amidst pavement cracks before upping the tempo and harmonising in style to bring things to a grand close.





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