crush – ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’

Manchester four-piece crush have shared their take on Simple Minds’ classic ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’. Obviously you’ll know the song as the triumphant coming-of-age anthem featured at the end of The Breakfast Club but here it’s been given a Jesus and Mary Chain-esque makeover with plenty of shoegazey reverb and lo-fi drums.

The band hint that this points at where their sound will also be going, saying they recorded it ‘when we were absolutely fed up of not being able to make music together. We needed a way of retaining our musical sanity and thought a cover would be an interesting thing to play around with and the best way to make a song together while we were apart. Taking a tune everyone will know and be able to sing along to but completely changing the sonics and the dynamic and kicking it up a gear. We kept it nice and DIY, with all the instruments just being recorded in our respective bedrooms, and mixed it ourselves, with our go-to wizard Jonny Hooker at Young Thugs then mastering.’


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