Yuno – ‘Somebody’

 Photo credit: Jordanna Koffsky

Sub Pop Records signing Yuno has shared the video for ‘Somebody’, his first new material since 2018’s critically acclaimed ‘Moodie’ album. Inspired by lockdown and the way it brought back all those nostalgic feelings, Yuno says ‘I grew up as somewhat of a loner–spending most of my time isolated in my bedroom, and I wanted to capture the parallels between my life now and the life of my younger self. I drew a lot from the pop-punk, post-hardcore, reggae, and southern hip hop that I’ve loved throughout my life. I feel like my 14-year-old self would be very proud.’

Opening with a blast of punky guitar before settling into more of a reggae vibe, the song finds Yuno reminiscing on his past life – and how it unexpectedly returned over the past 12 months (‘Another night alone in my bedroom. Just another week that I’m strugglin’ to get through. I guess this is the life that I’m used to. Four white walls, a ceiling that has a great view’) – before a chunky riff-laden chorus has him admitting ‘I don’t trust anybody but I think I need somebody’. There’s also a nostalgic bent as he thinks about a lost love and considers what he’s missing: ‘But I still smile when I think ‘bout the past and I wish I was better at forgetting your laugh, and I’m tired of givin’ up’.


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