Sam Barnes – ‘Wired World’

Sam Barnes Boy Azooga Wired World stream and review

Boy Azooga’s bassist Sam Barnes has shared stand-alone single ‘Wired World’ ahead of the release of his debut album in August. Recorded in lockdown and influenced by classic singer-songwriters including Nick Drake and Elliott Smith, we also hear elements of contemporaries like Pictish Trail, Bill Ryder-Jones or even Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips in the psychedelic balladry as Sam examines how so many of us fall short of expectations and how hard we find it to make a change for the better.

The genteel song opens with Sam saying ‘I’m waiting by the phone. I’m waiting at my desk. Are you ready? Are you impressed?’ as he seeks reassurance from the subject of his affections. Gentle bursts of cello appear in the background as the song veers into darker dream pop territory: ‘Something happened, something changed’, ‘I’m not supposed to be another systematic lover’.


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