Albums to look forward to in early 2013

We’re a bit late with this preview of the albums coming up in the twelve months ahead, but we’ve been busy with going back to day jobs, getting stuck in Surrey traffic and leading Norwich City Football Club to a respectable mid-table position on Football Manager… Still, better late than never and there’s a ton of potentially great records to look forward to in 2013.

Everything Everything – Arc
Release date: 14 January

After the oddball majesty of Man Alive, Manchester’s favourite sons return with ‘Arc’, an album that promises to evolve this incredible all-encompassing sound even further. All the initial reports have been wildly positive and they’re sure to be a fixture at the festivals. Jonathan’s vocals can be an acquired taste, but this unique voice fits with the jittery pop and both ‘Cough Cough’ and ‘Kemosabe’ show they’re still a band bursting with ideas.

Dutch Uncles – Out of Touch in the Wild
Release date: 14 January

Like Everything Everything, Dutch Uncles herald from Manchester and their third album may well earn them a much-deserved break into the mainstream, especially after the success of the likes of alt-j. The album promises more of their toe-tapping art rock that mixes odd time signatures and remarkable melody and with his impassioned vocals and incomparable dancing, frontman Duncan Wallis could become one of the year’s most unlikely stars.

Villagers – {Awayland}
Release date: 14 January

Conor O’Brien broke several hearts in 2010 with the folk-tinged beauty of his debut Villagers album ‘Becoming a Jackal’. This year’s ‘{Awayland}’ is much more of a full band effort which he claims ‘travels through space and time and leaves you back for dinner’. Making no apologies for the fact he’s having a bit more fun this time around, could this be an album to catapult Villagers into arenas? The singles so far have hinted at bold new directions, be it the stadium anthemics of ‘Nothing Arrived’ or the electro-tinged ‘Passing a Message’.

The Joy Formidable – Wolf’s Law
Release date: 21 January

A hard-working band who have been locked away in the studio for what seems like an age, The Joy Formidable have established themselves as a live band not to be missed through constant touring and after the success of ‘The Big Roar’, there’s much hope for ‘Wolf’s Law’. There are sure to be moments that sound like a freight train racing through your head, but their Reading Festival performance also showcased a more reflective sound.

Biffy Clyro – Opposites
Release date: 28 January

Ah, Biffy. After their astronomical rise, they’ve become a band to be reckoned with and this double album is sure to raise a stir when it hits the shelves. ‘Stingin’ Belle’ and ‘Black Chandelier’ have managed to please both old and new fans, but it remains to be seen whether they can keep this up over two full-length records. If there’s one band who can achieve this though, it’s Biffy. There’s sure to be singalong moments aplenty but let’s all hope for some aggression and riffs. Never forget the riffs.

Foals – Holy Fire
Release date: 11 February

After seeing their small venue tour towards the end of last year, we’ve been very excited by the prospect of this third album from the Oxford math rockers. Every song aired so far has sounded different but still retaining that trademark Foals sound, although ‘Inhaler’ had a rougher round the edges sound that definitely divided audiences. There’s already a Royal Albert Hall performance booked and the prospect of major festival slots. Exciting times!

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