Hot Glass – I Wouldn’t Forget

Based in Brighton, Hot Glass is Ryan Balch’s one-man project that sounds like a fist-fight between Cloud Nothings and Porcelain Raft. Soon to be supporting The History of Apple Pie in Brighton, the ‘I Wouldn’t Forget’ EP shows a man bursting with creative ideas and a love for punk rock and the shoegazing genre. Drenched in distortion, title track ‘I Wouldn’t Forget’ recalls the likes of Ride or Chapterhouse, but with more of a melodic slant. The vocals are almost hidden within the wall of sound that surrounds them, but the repeated refrain of ‘I Wouldn’t Forget’ is instantly memorable. Also covered in feedback is ‘Erase My Mind’, but this track has a more immediate sound that the EP’s opener with fast-paced riffs and a charming dream-pop quality.

The EP is very DIY in its production but this only adds to the appeal. Short and ever so sweet, ‘This Could Be It’ manages to capture the full-band sound while also retaining Ryan’s fearsomely independent spirit. ‘Maybe We Could’ has a more fantastical atmosphere, although throws in elements of the finest 80s indie pop as Ryan experiments with layered vocals. The closing ‘Far’ opens like a one-man Battles but then takes on an M83 vibe as it gently glides along. Ryan certainly knows what he’s doing and this EP hints at someone to keep an eye on for lovers of experimental and alternative music…

‘I Wouldn’t Forget’ by Hot Glass is released on Limited Edition cassette and digitally on 11 February.

Find out more about Hot Glass:


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