A quick round-up featuring Why We Love, Whitney, Sløtface and The Entrepreneurs

Why We Love – ‘Surrender

We fell for Why We Love – signed to our friends over at My Little Empire Records – when they released ‘Lucky One’ a month or two back and now they’re back with ‘Surrender’. With a keen eye for melody, the song takes in influences ranging from The Stone Roses’ ‘Mersey Paradise’ to Teenage Fanclub and Real Estate. Its wistful atmosphere is summed up by the delivery of the lyrics: ‘I’ve got the days, I’ve got the hours, I’ve got the time, I just don’t have the patience’. Its vibrancy and scorching hooks are perfect as we tentatively approach the summer.

Whitney – ‘Golden Days

With an introduction that isn’t a million miles away from ‘Easy Like Sunday Morning’, Secretly Canadian’s Whitney continue their drive towards being everyone’s favourite new guitar band with this grand slice of Americana. There’s brass in the middle, tantalising hooks and even some expertly played ‘Na, na, nas’ – all against what appears to be a fairly nihilistic approach to breaking up and moving on: ‘I’m moving on, you can’t be feeling like you did no wrong’; ‘Those golden days are far away from us’; ‘keep you hanging on’. We’d recommend this for fans of Bright Eyes, Ryan Adams and My Morning Jacket.

Sløtface – ‘Sponge State

Having changed their name from Slutface to Sløtface, the Norwegian indie-poppers have unveiled a new song called ‘Sponge State’ and it’s all about the apathy of the current generation. It talks about how we ask for change but feel sharing a tweet or signing an online petition will be enough, when it really isn’t. This message is wrapped around in hooks that bring to mind the Super Furry Animals at their most accessible and lyrics that show a sharp wit and sense of humour: ‘I’ve been thinking about that summer we discovered Bon Iver’; ‘That’s not his name’ and ‘Watching DVDs of Live Aid 1985 wondering who’s still alive’ being just two examples of the way today’s generation focuses on the wrong aspects of important issues. The sound will appeal to fans of Team Me and Tegan & Sara but the message is one we should all take heed of.

 The Entrepreneurs – ‘Unable to Stop’ (video)

We thought we’d finish this round-up with a video stream from Copenhagen’s The Entrepreneurs. Releasing EP ‘Tony Rominger’ on Like A Can of Beans Records in Denmark and Till Deaf Do Us Apart in the UK, the video has 1970s’ feel while the song recalls acts like Interpol or Menace Beach grappling for attention with the electronics of Depeche Mode. With its slow build-up, the pay-off is complete when the band hypnotically sing how ‘I’m unable to stop’ until its both compelling and chilling. There’s also a sharp turn into a more experimental place in the last 40 seconds. The Entrepreneuers are a band full of ideas and we can’t wait to hear more.

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