Sl0tface stream new single ‘Magazine’ and announce album plans

Sl0tface magazine song stream soundcloud new music try not to freak out album

Sl0tface – ‘Magazine

We’ve been huge fans of Sl0tface ever since we heard the anthemic ‘Kill em with Kindness’ and every subsequent release has shown they’re a band that are not afraid to make their feelings known on a wide spectrum of hugely important subjects – all while never forgetting the importance of a good pop hook. Ahead of support tours to Los Campesinos! and The Cribs and festival appearances at 2000 Trees and Reading, they’ve unveiled ‘Magazine’, the first single from their debut album ‘Try Not to Freak Out’ (out on 15 September via Propeller Recordings.

Opening with some ear-prickling ‘woo, woo, woos’, the song finds Haley Shea singing about how the media is ‘picking you up just to drop you down again’ and then explaining how ridiculous this whole culture is (and always has been) as well as offering views on the absurdity of body image standards. Haley then proudly states ‘I quit’ before following this up with the defining statement that ‘Patti Smith would never  put up with this shit’. If you’re going to follow one artist’s lead, why not one of the greatest punks of all time?

As the song progresses, Haley’s anger increases with the kind of things that artists are meant to put up with and riffs in the vein of Joyce Manor join the Muncie Girls-esque sing-along. Sl0tface said they wanted to write a song that sounded like it would fit into the soundtrack of an early 2000s teen film and they’ve definitely done that with ‘Magazine’ – although the things they’re talking about are far more vital . If you haven’t fallen for Sl0tface yet, then now is the time. You won’t want to freak out when you miss this single or the upcoming album.

Sl0tface are also heading off on an extensive tour. Check for more information.


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