Video premiere: Sarah Gargano – ‘Paper Girl’

Sarah Gargano indie music paper girl

We’re delighted to be debuting the new video from New York based indie-popper Sarah Gargano. ‘Paper Girl’ is a song that finds the songwriter bearing her heart out over her college hook-up culture experiences and giving an insight into the ways young women feel when they are objectified and used by boys and men.

It has a lo-fi and anti-folk feel that combines the sincerity of Fiona Apple with the directness of Ida Maria as she delivers lines including: ‘Hold me close and then tell me you can’t stay’; ‘Do I feel validated or do I just feel shitty?’; ‘A girl can never win’. Sarah then goes on to talk about her paper heart and eyes and admits she wants to be left to dry before a rallying call and hint of hope that one day she’ll shed her skin and get the apology she deserves. This is a timely song with an important message at its core



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