Tokyo Police Club – ‘Simple Dude’

Tokyo Police Club Simple Dude

Tokyo Police Club have shared new single ‘Simple Dude’ ahead of the release of fourth album ‘TPC’ (out 5 October via Dine Alone Records). The band based themselves in a church in rural Ontario for the recording of this record and it was written while they grappled with the idea of calling it a day. ‘Simple Dude’ will make you so glad they didn’t.

A melodic US college rock song with hooks you’ll be humming for days, it captures the playfulness of The Goon Sax and legendary indie bands like Guided by Voices and The Weakerthans as David Monks wears his heart on his sleeves and discusses his desires: ‘I want you wearing white, I want you in a frame, nothing but a T-shirt, dancing in the rain, ’cause I’m just a simple dude with an ordinary mind’; ‘I’m just a simple dude with a complicated soul’.

Oh, and if you can’t feel David’s affection and adoration when he sings ‘everything you do is a new sensation’, you have no love inside of you.


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