Tokyo Police Club – Tunnel Vision

Tokyo Police Club make a welcome return with the release of their new album ‘Forcefield’ via Memphis Industries on 24 March. But before the album is out, you can listen to the Toronto-based band’s new single ‘Tunnel Vision’. In the four years since last album ‘Champ’, the band decided to take a rest and look for a more rounded sound. Judging by ‘Tunnel Vision’, it was worth the wait.

With New Wave-esque basslines driving the song forward, the jittery vocals that open the track are in thrall to the likes of the Buzzcocks or Joy Division but when the song drives forward there is a more melodic approach at its heart, especially in its alluring emo-tinged chorus: ‘I just want to make it through one more night, tonight’ and ‘I can barely move a muscle and there’s just no end in sight, so walk me home’ being two of the stand-out lines. The band sing about real-life situations as they mention being in their twenties and the worries of getting paid, but with this song, they should stop worrying – the future looks bright.

Find out more about Tokyo Police Club:


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