Jamie Lenman shares ‘Popeye’ video and announces new album ‘Shuffle’

Jamie Lenman Popeye Shuffle album video 2019

Anyone who has seen Jamie Lenman play live over the years will know he loves nothing more than a good cover to get everyone singing (or maybe, in this case, yelling) along so it’s a treat to hear him announce details of ‘Shuffle’ – a 14-track record packed with his reinterpretations of classics by The Beatles and Cyndi Lauper as well as a chapter from his favourite book and an acting performance alongside Doctor Who, Withnail & I and Luther actor Paul McGann.

The first song to be released from this special album is an absurdly heavy version of the ‘Popeye’ theme tune. Jamie’s screams and scattergun guitar riffs recall his old song ‘Every Time a Teenager Listens to Drum & Bass a Rockstar Dies’ or the heavier side of his ‘Muscle Memory’ record while the ferocious drumming gives it extra urgency that wouldn’t sound out of place at a gig with Employed to Serve. It will make you want to down a can of spinach and take on the world.

Pre-order ‘Shuffle’ via Big Scary Monsters.


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