Jamie Lenman – ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend’

Jamie Lenman has shared the video for ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend’ ahead of the release of his new mini-album ‘King of Clubs’ on 25 September (via Big Scary Monsters and available to pre-order HERE). The video features guest appearances from Wargasm, False Advertising, We Never Learned To Live, Intechnicolour, Frauds, Follow, Palm Reader, Orchards, Frank Turner, Gaffa Tape Sandy, Ithaca, Haggard Cat, Bait, Arcane Roots, Black Peaks and more.

The short and sharp punky new single finds Jamie the angriest he’s been in years – and this time the subject of his ire is those all-too familiar people who consistently give pathetic excuses for their terrible behaviour towards others: ‘If you’re a dick when you’re drunk, you’re a dick all the time’.

Jamie declares he won’t be friends with them anymore (‘If you’re a troll online, you’re a troll for real, you don’t care about how people feel’) amidst a crunching breakdown and increasingly impassioned yet compassionate screams.



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