Strange Bones – ‘Blitz Pt 1’ EP review

Strange Bones Blitz Pt 1 EP review 2019

As soon as Bobby Bentham announces ‘I’m the fucking triceratops’ on the opening ‘Vicious’, you just know that Strange Bones are going to live up to the potential of their incendiary live show on the ‘Blitz Pt 1’ EP. The first of a handful of EPs to be released by the Blackpool four-piece this year, it showcases their ear-piercing ability to blend elements of punk, rave, rock and a socially conscious mindset into one thrilling pot.

‘Vicious’ is all about the dancey beats and deep bass to start as Bobby rallies against the mundane aspects of modern life (‘watching paint dry’) and how it feels to be ‘on the outside looking in’ before delivering defiant shouts of ‘I’m alive’ and ‘I’ll eat a Nazi for breakfast’ as it sharp guitar riffs come to the fore. ‘Give Me the Sun’ is a grunge-tinged slice of power pop that reminds us of Dinosaur Pile-up or early Ash with its melodic bursts and sing-along lines of ‘Give me the sun, show me exactly who you are’, while the closing ’24 Calibre’ is an altogether different prospect with galloping glitches and synths providing the intro. Bobby passionately sings against people building walls and warns that ‘there’s no paradise in the cold light’ before the bouncy, pogo pit-baiting riffs are thrown in.

Although none of the songs quite reach the 3-minute mark, Strange Bones have a lot to say – all against a backdrop that will leave you breathless and thrilled. Put on this EP and prepare to be blown away. As the band sing on ’24 Calibre’: ‘What you waiting for?’

Catch Strange Bones on the following tour dates:

05 Jul – Dumfries & Galloway, Electric fields (UK)
06 Jun – Bolton, Horwich Music Festival (UK)
23 Aug – Salzwedel, Forest jump (DE)

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