The Hold Steady – ‘Denver Haircut’

The Hold Steady 2019 Denver Haircut

Photo credit: Adam Parshall

The Hold Steady have shared ‘Denver Haircut’, the opening song from their next album ‘Thrashing Thru the Passion’ (out on 16 August through French Kiss Records). The three-minute track is buzzing with energy and melody that gives a glimpse into the off-the-cuff sound the band have embraced on this new recording.

Craig Finn has always had the ability to draw incredibly rich characters and destinations and it’s no exception here, opening with the lines: ‘He shaved his head at the airport in a bar at the end of the concourse. He said ‘You’re kind of catching me at a transitional time; I’m a bright light turning into a dark horse’. Following this, the song veers into darker directions (‘I’m sorry but the city is a cesspool’) while the music veers into anthemic blues-rock complete with piano breakdowns and irresistibly catchy riffs and the final line: ‘It doesn’t have to be pure, it just has to be sort of worth it’.

Pre-order ‘Thrashing Thru the Passion’ here.



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