Great Grandpa – ‘Digger’

Great Grandpa Digger

Seattle indie rockers Great Grandpa have shared new single ‘Digger’ ahead of the release of their second album ‘Four of Arrows’ on 25 October through Big Scary Monsters in the UK and EU and Double Double Whammy in the US. The record is already being touted as one of the albums of the year and this song shows why…

Inspired by guitarist and vocalist Pat Goodwin’s old dog ‘who would get into this intense and almost manic trance when he would dig a hole in the yard’ and how these actions resonated with him and bandmate Carrie when they were struggling with their own mental health, the poignant song opens with dual vocals and subtle guitar strums as the band discuss the power of Tarot cards. Alex Menne takes the lead on vocals with so much power as they first declare ‘that’s why I hate you’ before changing their minds in the next verse and deciding ‘that’s why I love you’.

Sitting somewhere between early Arcade Fire and Big Thief, the song captures the unpredictable nature of life and its stuggles as Alex talks about there being ‘two voice in the crowd. As Pat mentions in the PR for this release, it’s about how ‘it’s safest to never go out in the darkness, but perhaps we’ll miss something in the dark’ and the band expertly pull away from the big finish you’d expect as the song ends with an almost meditational tone.


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