Wild Pink – ‘The Shining but Tropical’

Photo credit: Mitchell Wojcik

Brooklyn-based indie rockers Wild Pink have made a welcome return with a video (starring Schitt’s Creek Emmy winner Annie Murphy, no less) for new single ‘The Shining But Tropical’ ahead of the release of new album ‘A Billion Little Lights’ on 19 February, 2021. The band have also announced they’ve now signed to Toronto-based label Royal Mountain Records.

Wild Pink frontman John Ross says the new song ‘was inspired by Carl Sagan’s ‘Cosmos’ as well as ‘If I Needed You’ by Townes Van Zandt, this song is named for a grim retirement home in Florida. It’s about somebody who was born sheltered realizing how large the world is and how unimportant they are. Julia Steiner’s vocal contributions brought the song to fruition, and it was a lot of fun to make.’

Full of atmospheric and anthemic hooks that reminded us of the impassioned and poignant romance and heartbreak of Stars, the song finds John looking back on a tough time in the life of a loved one: ‘Back when your mind was wild, you hallucinated, you were terrified. With the storm that was coming your way, the plan was to float away face down in the San Francisco bay on a clear blue day’.

He tries to reassue this person ‘You want peace, you want love, you deserve that much’ despite the wistful fact that ‘You were free but you were stuck for years. You could sing but you had nothing to say’.


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