Anna McClellan – ‘Raisin’

Photo credit: Jccwa Faya

Father/Daughter Records signing Anna McClellan has shared ‘Raisin’ ahead of the release of her new record ‘I saw first light’ on 20 November. Complete with a whirring organ and theatrical hooks, the short stop-start slice of art pop – think Rosie Tucker meets Amanda Palmer with some Jeffrey Lewis thrown in – finds Anna taking a literal leap of faith (‘I have long romanticized the idea of jumping off a cliff, and categorized it as the perfect metaphor for letting go’) that ends with her floating as she frees herself of tension: ‘Feels like high stakes when I look all the way down to the depths of. Weight is off in mid-float. Mind is clear, clear my throat. Bear witness to that which is as body-lightness sinks in’.


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