Kianna White – ‘Homecoming Queen’

Tilly and the Wall’s Kianna White has shared her debut solo single, ‘Homecoming Queen’, via Team Love Records. Opening with dreamy guitar hooks and luscious melodies that fall somewhere between The Sundays and Haim, Kianna tells a story about how ‘someone’s giving drugs to the high school kids’ before declaring ‘I don’t really want to make a scene. I just want to go and get stoned with the homecoming queen. You and me and Mary Magdalene. Everyone we know wanna roll with the homecoming queen’.

She then nostalgically recalls how being seen with the coolest people was one of the most important elements of high school life, especially when a teacher asks what you are up to: ‘He thinks if he scares us, it will make us confess. No one understands what I mean. I’ve just got to be seen with the homecoming queen’; ‘Most high I’ll ever be. Riding with you, hoping they see’.


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