Communions – ‘Bird of Passage’

Photo Credit: Lasse Dearman

Communions – the project of Danish brothers Mads and Martin Rehof – have shared the video for new single ‘Bird of Passage’ ahead of the release of the album ‘Pure Fabrication’ on 23 April.

A grandiose indie-rock anthem that sits somewhere between The Antlers, Death Cab for Cutie and fellow countrymen Mew, the song finds Martin reflecting on his own identity crisis and evaluating ‘the idea that people constantly transform and reinterpret the past in new ways by constructing narratives around themselves’. The chorus, especially, captures this sense of unease and trying to fit in: ‘I am nature’s bird of passage. I don’t remember who I really am. And like a sphinx I’m born a prince. I make my kingdom everywhere.’


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