Dizzy – ‘Roman Candles’

Photo credit: Pooneh Ghana

Dizzy have shared ‘Roman Candles’ ahead of the release of new album ‘The Sun and Her Scorch’ via Communion Records on 31 July (pre-order here). The song finds Katie Munshaw reflecting on her choice to pursue a career in music and the jealousy she sometimes feels towards friends who ‘have gone to university and have 9 to 5 jobs already and have to buy funny things like lawnomorwers and cutlery’. However, she knows in her heart that music is where she needs to be.

Dizzy have played shows with Oh Wonder, Death Cab for Cutie and Tokyo Police Club and you can hear elements of some of these in the confessional tones (‘you were a friend of mine when I worked twice a week at the weekend, two teenage dirtbags’) and swaying, dreamy soundscape that also recalls the heartbreak of acts like Mitski. Katie talks about playing local shows while friends move on with their lives (both in terms of career and destination): ‘And I’m just stuck in this town I can’t handle, watching you light it up from a north end parking lot. While I’m just setting off Roman candles…’


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