Daniel God Damn Byrom – ‘Funeral Song’ video

Daniel God Damn Byrom Funeral Song video Wild Cat Strike

Wild Cat Strike’s frontman Daniel God Damn Byrom has shared the video for ‘Funeral Song’, a poignant and quietly stirring piece that features on his new EP ‘Live From Dead Tuesdays’ (order via Small Pond’s Bandcamp here).

The video finds Daniel looking through an old notebook full of powerful lyrics about painful moments from his past: ‘I was in hell just thinking about you, warming by the fire and sleeping past noon’. There’s a Daniel Johnston-esque lo-fi ambience in the guiat work and heart in the lyrical observations, especially when Daniel sings about ‘Having plans to leave but still staying’ and how ‘I cared enough to pretend that I was caring at all’. He follows this with a plea to the lover not to leave their bed as ‘one of us will have to replace the other’…


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