Manchester Orchestra – ‘Keel Timing’

Photo credit: Shervin Lainez

Manchester Orchestra have shared the video for ‘Keel Timing’, the second single to be taken from upcoming album ‘The Million Masks of God’ (out on 30 April via Loma Vista Recordings – pre-order here). Described by frontman Andy Hull as ‘an isolated internal investigation about personal growth. Trying to decide what growh is positive and what growth is negative. And where do we land after that investigation’, the song is full of inward-looking observations: ‘I’m a dog, you’re the cops, I am lowing’.

Opening with drums, electronic beats and groove-laden guitar hooks, the song finds Andy talking about what’s inside his head and how it’s ‘rolling’ before moving on to considering how he can block out those lies that try to shape your judgment: ‘It wasn’t right and it wasn’t wrong either’. Andy takes stock and decides to start again slowly (‘help me rearrange my head slowly’) amidst a sea of melodic hooks and exhilarating stop-start moments – ‘It’s in the heart, it is in the blood, it s in the story’ – before the hypnotic, riffy final few moments.


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