Rosie Tucker – ‘Habanero’

Photo credit: May Daniels

Rosie Tucker has shared the video for new single ‘Habanero’ ahead of the release of their third album – and first on Epitaph Records – ‘Sucker Supreme’ on 30 April digitally/18 June physically. Discussing the new single, Rosie says: ‘The first two verses of ‘Habanero’ are about flirting, which is an important distraction from both the problems of the self and the issue of mortality.’

Rosie opens with typically wry observations as they tell the subject of their desires ‘I need to see you sweat’ and ponders ‘Wouldn’t we be perfect together if we wanted exactly the same thing?’ This is followed with more lusting – ‘You’re so hot it’s embarrasing I feel it in my cheeks’ – before Rosie reflects on whether this flirting is really doing any wonders for their state of mind: ‘I smile while I suffer like a sucker supreme. And I’m never happy but I’ve never been better’.

Like one of their heroes Jeffrey Lewis (please do listen to their cover of ‘Arrow‘, if you haven’t already), Rosie has the ability to convey powerfully honest admissions through visceral yet relatable lyrics, with this song comparing their situation to that of tadpoles: ‘I want it so much I can’t believe I’ll die before becoming a frog’. Of course, this is all delivered over marvellously melodic, twinkly emo-tinged pop hooks. We can’t wait for this record.


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