Bedrooms – ‘The Afterglow’ EP review

Dublin-based four-piece Bedrooms self-release their debut EP, ‘The Afterglow’, on 30 April following praise from Clash, DIY, NME and NPR. Produced by Bill Ryder-Jones, the three songs are packed with heartfelt observations and tender melodies.

Opener ‘For Today’ is a brooding piece that recalls the more sensitive side of ’90s rock (think a mixture of shoegaze and Longpigs) as the band talk about ‘waiting for the exit’ poll and ponder how the choices we make can lead us astray. Halfway through, a burst of anthemic guitar work brings to mind the producer’s solo material before settling back down into something more melodic and rhythmic with the assurance ‘We’ll just sit here in the afterglow’. ‘Dancing in the Circle K’ takes the EP into a jangle pop direction. An instant earworm, the melodies wrap around the more self-depreciating lyrics about actions that may – or may not – have bee taken: ‘I had every intention of reaching out, trying that new spot you all rave about’; ‘I don’t have the peace of mind to ignore all the signs’.

‘In Yer Pocket’ closes the EP in more emotive, melancholic fashion. Sitting somewhere between Galaxie 500 and Cocteau Twins, there’s talk of ‘running in circles’, being ‘stuck in the middle’ and how ‘it’s a game of two halves’ – plus a stirring guitar break.

Don’t sleep on Bedrooms….


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