Bedrooms – ‘For Today’

Bedrooms band Dublin For Today stream

Dublin’s Bedrooms have shared ‘For Today’ ahead of the release of their debut EP ‘The Afterglow’ in April. The band recorded the new songs with Bill Ryder-Jones and they incorporate the same kind of emotional and sonic space as the singer-songwriter and producer’s solo material into this track. Bedrooms bassist Dane Staunton says: ”For Today’ is a song we feel is our most ambitious to date. The song took shape over a period of months of being played live with some subtle changes being made to the arrangement over time. We hadn’t really done any demoing for the recording session so we kept exploring new ideas from the rehearsal room to the studio. Leaning into slowcore and shoegaze, the song is a development of sounds we became interested in while working previously with Daniel Fox from Girl Band.’

As Dane mentions, there are elements of shoegaze running throughout the song but also nods to post rock (when those riffs come in…) and the dreamy sounds of Cocteau Twins and Galaxie 500, while the stirring repeats of the words ‘I guess it’s already gone away, sometimes things seem to play out this way. We’ll just sit here in the afterglow’ in anthemic fashion are sure to give you goosebumps.


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