Strange Bones – ‘England Screams’

Blackpool’s Strange Bones have shared ‘England Screams’ ahead of the release of their debut album of the same name on 20 August via FRKST/300 Entertainment. Frontman Bobby Bentham says the new single focuses on the tumultuous thought process behind human behaviour: ‘It’s like we’re living in a pantomime, everyone is waiting and expecting for something shocking to happen. It’s a reality TV show. England Screams. Society’s paradigm of a typical human being is breaking down, constantly changing, in some amazing ways, in a new world which feels more authoritarian than ever.’

Opening with a blaring blast of ferocious guitar hooks and piercingly loud synth beats, Bobby passionately sings about forgiveness and urging someone to kill you (or whether you should kill them…) before declaring how we’re heading back to the ice age. There’s a thrilling breakdown with synthesized vocals before the clattering guitars come back into play amidst a fusion of sirens and dogs barking. It’s relentless and revitalising. STRANGE BONES · England Screams


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