Luke Sital-Singh – ‘Blind Missiles’

Photo credit: Andrew Paynter

Luke Sital-Singh has shared the video for ‘Blind Missiles’, his first release on Nettwerk Records (Passenger, Old Sea Brigade, Joshua Radin). Co-written with Dan Croll, the song finds the now LA-based singer-songwriter examining the effects of isolation and searching for empathy during times of conflict: ‘It is a song about polarization, feeling tired with the constant attacks from one group to another and the lack of empathy and understanding, and feeling at odds with the world around me as a Brit living in the US, feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from US politics, confused as to where I fit in the picture.’

We hear elements of Andrew Bird and Villagers’ world-weary yet curiously optimistic tones in the chamber-folk sound as Luke gives himself advice to keep his distance and not to get dragged into the conflict while he also lays bare his emotions when it comes to heartbreak: ‘You were made for me. I was perfect for you. Something’s off. Do you feel it too? Like a painting with the canvas showing through…’


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