New music round-up featuring Luke Sital-Singh, British Sea Power, Grapefruit Moon, Moonlands, Nice Legs and Pip Hall streams

Bad Bohemian British Sea Power Pip Hall Luke Sital-Singh

Despite it being 2017, we’ve been (proper) internet-less for the past few weeks. Now grabbing time before starting work and on lunch breaks, we’ve managed to catch up with some of the incredible music that’s been sent our way. Below are jus

Luke Sital-Singh – ‘Killing Me

A familiar figure on the live scene over the past few years, Luke Sital-Singh’s ‘Killing Me’ is a stripped-back song inspired by the love his grandmother had (and still has) for his late grandfather. Honest and emotive, it evokes the spirit of The Antlers or maybe Conor Oberst’s most introspective moments. Try and listen without getting goosebumps when Luke sings ‘It’s killing me… I’m feeling guilty’.


British Sea Power – ‘Bad Bohemian

We think it’s about time British Sea Power were deemed national treasures, don’t you? ‘Bad Bohemian’ is the first single from new album ‘Let the Dancers Inherit the Party’ and has a distinctly ‘Machineries of Joy’ vibe. With nods to The Cure but that distinct sound that runs through every one of their songs, it’s BSP at their most direct and already sounds like a festival anthem (in more ways than one).


Grapefruit Moon – ‘Cotton Blue

With a Tom Waits reference in the band name, you probably have some expectations of what to expect from Grapefruit Moon. ‘Cotton Blue’ is a fascinating introduction to the Brighton-based band. There are shades of Radiohead in both vocals and guitar work, while there’s also an eerie darkness running throughout the all-t00-short running time of three minutes and twenty seconds.


Moonlands – ‘Shake, I Shook

The lead single from a new release from Foof Records, Moonlands ‘Shake, I Shook’ brilliantly recalls the unbridled joy of Rilo Kiley. It’s full of deliciously jangly pop hooks and sultry vocals and harmonies you’ll want to wrap yourself in.


Nice Legs – ‘Mighty Three’

‘Mighty Three’ is the lead track on Fox Food Records signings Nice Legs’ ‘Strange Family’ single. Available to stream and buy on Bandcamp (the physical edition has already sold out), it’s a lo-fi delight that adds some experimental elements to its ‘anti-folk’ (remember that genre?) sentiments.


Pip Hall – ‘Turn Over

Our friends over at My Little Empire Records are on a real run at the moment and this new single from the ridiculously talented Pip Hall is another fine addition. We’ve written about Pip before and ‘Turn Over’ continues to show her as a songwriter who will appeal to fans of Sharon Van Etten and Anna Calvi. Very mature and confident, the song has an ambience that you’ll happily fall for.

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