Momma – ‘Household Name’ album review

Review of Momma's Household Name album 2022

Momma – a band formed by Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten while they were still in high school – follow up 2020’s ‘Two of Me’ with new album ‘Household Name’. Now signed to Lucky Number Records, the duo tackle a variety of life issues with angst and humour against a thunderous backdrop of early ’90s-inspired guitar and more contemporary soundscapes, with Etta saying: ‘When an artist gets personal in their music, it seems to me that the listeners and the artist are having the same experience at once, which is a better understanding of the writer as a whole. That’s what I want these songs to give to the listener: a true introduction to all sides of Momma.’

Perfectly pitched and considered drum beats signal the start of album opener ‘Rip Off’ before wonky yet breezy Pavement-esque guitar work comes – along with some fantastically fuzzy hooks – as the band sing about ‘The American way’ and reveal how ‘I’m waiting for your call… I’ve got what you want. Now you’re singing along to my song’. This is swiftly followed by the potent power pop of recent single ‘Speeding 72’, which has a healthy dose of meloncholia in the lyrics: ‘Faster getting nowhere’.

There’s a touch of Breeders on the opening bass line of ‘Medicine’ along with talk of addiction and being ‘Higher than I’ve ever been’. ‘Rockstar’ has a suitably anthemic sound and tongue-in-cheek yet relatable lyrics (‘still need a drummer, the last one quit the band’) about the issues you come across while following your musical dreams…

‘Motorbike’ shares the same kind of emo-tinged sadpop sound as Soccer Mommy, while ‘Tall Home’ changes tack with an almost spoken-word, rhythmic delivery of observations on being disrespected. ‘Lucky’ is a love song of sorts with talk of finding an MVP and how it feels when you find that special someone: ‘How’d I get so lucky?’ ‘Brave’ has a darker tint with pleas to ‘Cut me open’ and ‘Don’t ask me if I want it… You know I always do’.

‘Callin Me’ continues this menacing tone before ‘Spider’ and ‘No Stage’ take things in a more melodic direction, with the latter’s ‘Watch me as I glowe under the lights. I’ll be your favourite movie because I like a little tragedy’ mantra leaving a lasting impression. Things return to grunge-infused slackerpop stylings on closing track ‘No Bite’ – which is full of soul-searching lyrics and stirring strings.

With an album this refreshing and addictive, it won’t be long until Momma are a ‘Household Name’ themselves…


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