Exploring Birdsong – ‘Dancing in the Face of Danger’ EP review

Exploring Birdsong Dancing in the Face of Danger EP artwork and review

Experimental trio Exploring Birdsong follow up their 2019 debut EP ‘The Thing with Feathers’ with ‘Dancing in the Face of Danger’ – a collection of five tracks full of unique storytelling, stunning synth and piano work and live strings…

The opening ‘Pure’ has clattering drums that soon make way for a swirling mix of post and indie rock that brings to mind Agent Fresco or Caspian. There’s a prog tinge as they sing how ‘My demons are only with me’ amidst glorious harmonies; ‘The Way Down’ follows in a more aggressive vein with words of warning about how ‘Those grey clouds are rolling in fast’ before ‘Bear the Weight’ slows things back down again with a pure piano sound at the forefront that builds and builds into something goosebump inducing – which subsequently gets interrupted by a perfectly pitched breakdown.

‘Ever the Optimist’ will appeal to fans of Genesis, Tori Amos and Everything Everything with its melodic art rock hooks and warnings about how actions have consequences – ‘Kingdom’s full with the weight of it all’ – before ‘No Longer We Lie’ closes the EP in poignant, synth-heavy fashion.

With songs this powerful, Exploring Birdsong are about to take flight…


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