Misty Miller – Girlfriend

Hailing from South West London, Misty Miller is a name sure to be on everyone’s lips come the end of the year. Having released a popular ukulele-led album when she was just 15 (60,000 copies sold), she’s now dropped the uke, picked up an electric guitar and developed a love of Patti Smith, The Velvet Underground and other rock and roll legends. This all results in a new-found confidence that shines through on ‘Girlfriend’ , the lead track off her EP of the same name.

Misty Miller

Opening with a blues riff that is hard to forget, she sings ‘I was your girlfriend’ and goes on to list a variety of different girl’s names in a feisty and spirited manner that may raise a few eyebrows, but will definitely grab attention. In amongst the talk of cheating and deploring her other half, there’s mention of being a movie star too, wonderfully recalling memories of The Long Blondes – one of the great lost bands. When the song picks up pace, especially towards its intense climax, it shows Misty is now extremely ambitious and willing to embrace her inner-PJ Harvey.

Find out more about Misty Miller:


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