Luke Godwin – Brand New Lands

Hailing from Surrey, Luke Godwin is set to release his debut album ‘Brand New Lands’ on cassette tape and download via Feliciano, with a CD release to come in the next few weeks too. A year in the making, the record sees him veer between striking solo songs and a broader full-band sound.

The title track opens the album and its acoustic strums and almost-spoken-word vocals instantly bring to mind Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly. Country-tinged, but when the full band comes in and the female vocals join up with Luke’s, it really does capture your attention. ‘Grinding Gears’ follows and this sees a louder rock sound from the start. There’s a DIY work ethic that has to be applauded and this song particularly evokes that. ‘Leave This Town’ is a deeply personal song that would fit on any acoustic festival stage. Surprisingly jaunty for such an emotionally delicate song, the lyrics of ‘Who needs words when I’m holding a gun’ are instantly powerful.

Luke Godwin

There’s an interesting mixture of loud and quiet songs that showcase both sides of Luke’s sound and the likes of ‘Keeping My Mind’ and ‘Say You’ll Be Fine’ have a Chuck Ragan feel that is retrospective yet powerful. ‘Let’s Walk Away’ sounds like a vibrant pop single, complete with its singalong chorus of the title being repeated over and over again while the 2 minutes and 39 seconds of ‘Open Stories’ has the essence of 70s punk rock, specifically The Only Ones’ ‘Another Girl, Another Planet’. The album closes on a more sombre note with both ‘Walk This Path’ and ‘Too Soon’ being extremely contemplative and played to perfection. ‘Brand New Lands’ is an album full of heart and soul.

Buy ‘Brand New Lands’ here.

Find out more about Luke Godwin:


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