Quiet Lions – Bracknell Cellar Bar at South Hill Park, 3 November 2013

We were always big fans of Jumping Ships here at Spectral Nights, so after that band called it a day, it was with some excitement when it was announced three of the band were to carry on making music in the new four-piece Quiet Lions. Playing only their second ever show in the venue where lead singer Michael Williams grew up, you could have forgiven the band for being a little tentative, but in the intimate surroundings of the Cellar Bar, Quiet Lions came to the fore.

Jumping Ships Quiet Lions

Debuting their brand new EP ‘Surroundings’, the band were extremely tight from the first second and you could tell a lot of hard work has been put in to making sure the delicate melodies and intricate instrumentation was spot on. With the presence of synths and keyboards, the music is not quite as brash as that of Jumping Ships, but there are still plenty of riffs bandied about and some songs hint at a math-rock direction. The four-voice harmonies are also highly alluring, with each member’s voice adding a new depth to the sound.

Recent single ‘Are You Well?’ has a huge singalong chorus that was made for much bigger venues than basements in Berkshire mansions, while ‘Goodbye Ivory’ is a song full of heartbreak that recalls some of Reuben’s more reflective moments before giving way to a tantalising post-rock aesthetic and then some striking acapella moments. The closing song on the EP ‘City Beneath the Sea’ really comes to life in the live setting, and features reflective and effective lyrics like ‘Now it’s broken and all of the hope is washed away, you’re sending my body to the water and I’m done’. With the soaring guitar work being brilliantly reminiscent of My Vitriol’s ‘Grounded’, but also far more contemporary, we’ll be hearing a lot more of these guys in the near future. Prepare to step into the Quiet Lions’ den.

Buy the ‘Surroundings’ EP from www.quietlions.bandcamp.com.

Find out more about Quiet Lions:

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