Top 5 EPs of 2013

Yes, we’re joining in with the fun and games of the best of 2013 –and we’re starting with some of the EPs that have soundtracked our year, in no particular order…

Superman Revenge Squad Band – There’s Nothing More Frightening Than the Passing of Time

Heartfelt lyrics with self-depreciating humour made this mini-album one to return to again and again. The UK’s answer to Jeffrey Lewis?

Olympians – Adventure Gun

Dropping their indie-pop melodies for a more experimental and drone-led sound, Olympians returned with a gloriously gloomy EP. ‘Filling My Heart With Weird Dreams’ was the standout, but there was also a great first line on the opening ‘Mountains’: ‘You spent your whole life watching shit nature documentaries on TV’.

Gunning for Tamar – Camera Lucida

With intense riffs and inspiring choruses, this EP was a vigorous blast of angular rock. Bursting with ideas, the simmering guitar lines were expertly offset against the melancholic lyrics.

Axes – Axes

Another seven-track EP (we’re going to claim an album should be 9 or more tracks, OK?) but one full of so many twists and turns. At times abrasive but always melodic, this is math-rock at its finest.

Moose Blood – Moving Home

Beautifully honest and poetic lyrics about love and loss combine with Brand New-meets-Weezer melodies in this six-track EP that also manages to expertly reference Earl Grey and American Football.


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