Dad Rocks! – Peers

An ode to anyone who has listened to, recommended or shared a Dad Rocks! song, ‘Peers’ is the first song to be released from the eagerly awaited second album ‘Year of the Flesh’.

For those unfamiliar with Dad Rocks!, it is Mimas man Snævar Njáll Albertsson’s solo project. 2011’s ‘Mount Modern’ stands out as one of that year’s best albums and its genteel folky tunes all told a story that was relevant to modern life, whether it be the options faced when you lose a job (‘Funemployment’), the environment and its ‘killer litter’ (‘Battle Hymn of the Fox Father’) or the state of the current music industry (‘Major Labels’).

Snævar Njáll Albertsson

Laced with brass and strings, every song was simply beautiful. This wonderfully atmospheric ambience looks set to continue with ‘Year of the Flesh’. ‘Peers’ opens with the matter-of-fact line ‘You found it on a torrent file sharing site’ and then goes on to be a warming celebration of the close-knit community who have helped Dad Rocks! become so well respected. Charming, cheekily honest and self-referencing without ever being indulgent, the song’s message is neatly summed up when Snævar sings: ‘Let’s settle on getting along, And help us to carry on, Let’s focus on counting on
Each other, not turn upon’.

If you love this song, share it with all your friends. Then buy the album on CD or very limited-edition vinyl for a very affordable price at the Dad Rocks! Bandcamp.


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