DOTB Episode 3: Modern Baseball, Wolf Choir and the Adventures/Run Forever Split

I talked about music with my good friends Ollie and Joey for the third Death of the Blogger Podcast. Enjoy!

Death Of The Blogger

Temp. Podcast logoThe episode in which our protagonists review the new Modern Baseball record, You’re Going to Miss It All, and a split from two of our new favourite bands, Adventures and Run Forever. We also talk about Wolf Choir and play their song ‘Dilute’, along with Adventures’ ‘Call Me At Night’, and have a startling realisation concerning Patrick from Self Defense Family’s monetary wealth. This episode is hosted by Ollie Greville, Joey Ashworth and Ryan Barham, creator of fellow music blog Spectral Nights.You can follow Ollie at @OllieGreville and @DeathofBlogger, Joey at @OurLostInfantry and Ryan at @Rarham and @SpectralNights.

Check out our iTunes feed here, and our brand new Stitcher feed. It really helps us if you download or listen to the podcast through one of these services, and giving us a review or rating the podcast as well. Thanks for the support, and we hope you enjoy this episode.

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