Happyness – Great Minds Think Alike, All Brains Taste the Same

Happyness band London

Already a favourite on XFM and 6 Music, and with festival performances at the Secret Garden Party and Bestival lined up, it’s fair to say Happyness are well on their way to being one of the year’s success stories. The London trio will release their debut album ‘Weird Little Birthday’ on 16 June, but for now, they have whet the appetite with the wonderfully bright and breezy ‘Great Minds Think Alike, All Brains Taste the Same’.

Clocking in at under two minutes, the song opens with the striking lyrics: ‘I’m a sucker for the suburban kitsch that you’re living in, when you laugh too much at my lazy jokes, I wonder who you’ve been’ before then unleashing a wonderfully downplayed and slacker-style insult, in between some beautiful harmonies: ‘You’re cheesy like you don’t know’. Imagine if Wes Anderson picked up a guitar and decided to collaborate with Albert Hammond Jr on a band that was in awe of both The Kinks and Dinosaur Jr? That’s almost what Happyness sound like. In other words, they’re awesome and sure to make you smile.

Find out more about Happyness:

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