Got a Girl (Dan the Automator and Mary Elizabeth Winstead) – Did We Live Too Fast

Mary Elizabeth Winstead band

The dream team of Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Ramona Flowers in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and star of Smashed, The Spectacular Now and the rubbish Die Hard films) and Dan the Automator (one of the world’s most talented producers) are set to release their debut album, the wonderfully named ‘I Love You But I Must Drive Off this Cliff Now’, under the alias of Got a Girl in July. They’ve now released a single, ‘Did We Live too Fast’ for streaming, which you can hear by following the link below.

After meeting on Scott Pilgrim, one of the freshest and most entertaining films of recent years, the duo formed a bond over their love of 1960s French pop and other sumptuous off-kilter sounds. A true collaboration with both working together on the lyrics and instrumentation, ‘Did We Live Too Fast’ offers a tantalising glimpse into what we can expect from the full length – sultry, seductive and with understated loops and glitches, there’s a touch of Anna Calvi in Mary’s delivery while the stimulating instrumentation has a bit of Gorillaz mixed with a more traditional hip-hop vibe – and the Beta Band.

Find out more about Got a Girl:

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