The Xcerts – Shaking in the Water

It’s been a long time coming – and it’s been a huge live favourite for some time – but it’s an absolute delight to finally see The Xcerts back with new material.

‘Shaking in the Water’, the first single from their new album, started life as a jangly 60s Beach Boys-esque pop song but after many, many performances in the live arena it became louder and ever-so-noisier, while losing none of its infectious chorus and Weezer-esque melody, culminating in the song you can see above. The nostalgic video finds the band doing all the things we should all still be enjoying during the summer holidays – riding bikes and skateboards, playing with frisbees and dressing as Spider-Man, while also having what looks like the most fun in the studio. It’s an unashamedly loud pop song – and all the better for it.

With this release, anticipation has been whet further still for what may well be one of the best albums of the year. Bring it on!


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