The Xcerts – ‘Feels Like Falling in Love’ video stream

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Already played twice in a row by Daniel P. Carter on Radio 1’s Rock Show (and with another daytime airing on the station to boot) The Xcerts have made a welcome return with ‘Feels Like Falling in Love’. On 2014’s ‘There Is Only You’ album, the trio delved into a more Springsteen or Tom Petty-esque style of songwriting and this trend continues on the glorious ‘Feels Like Falling in Love’.

Murray Macleod came up with the song when he ‘needed to believe in something more than my dumb broken heart’ and this is summed up by the melancholic opening lines that tackle a break-up from two different viewpoints: ‘Keep yourself safe, keep yourself safe, she said. You broke your own heart but there’s no need to lose your head. Keep yourself sane, keep yourself sane, he said’. And then comes the power-pop chorus that is tailor-made for festivals* – complete with synths.

We don’t need to tell you just how special this band are; there’s already a hugely communal feeling at all of their shows and if the social media reaction to this song is anything to go by, a whole new legion of fans will be falling in love with The Xcerts very soon.


*We’ll see you at the front for a sing-along at 2000 Trees on Saturday and then Westival in a few weeks, yeah?


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